Parasol are a group of artists bound together by the common interests of producing commercial images for the contemporary art market, both home and abroad.

Their diverse styles in original form may be water-colour, acrylic, collage or photographs, but the unique selling point of this website is all the images are available as high quality, limited edition Giclée prints, at competitive prices.

The Giclée prints

Each image has been printed with the latest technology to give an accurate reproduction of the original. To conform to the high regulations concerning Giclée printing certain standards have to be met. The printer has to have the highest resolution, the Ink has to be light fast for 75 years, and the paper or canvas has to be of an archival quality.

More importantly each print has been Inspected and then personally signed and numbered by the artist to provide authenticity. Prints on paper are usually signed on the border whilst canvases are signed within the image to ease framing.

The print runs are large enough to keep prices competitive within the world market, with an extra artist proofs for display and advertising. Larger images can be produced on canvas and a small number can be personally enhanced by the artist over painting details and effects onto the image.